Warm by the Fire Tonight


Sitting by the fire tonight, enjoying a cold night with the guests.  It seems that

January has been an extremely cold month.  Perhaps February will be warmer.

Hunter hasn’t been able to be out much at all and doesn’t really understand why

he  has to be in the basement all the time.  He would much rather be out in the yard,

but it’s just too cold.  It is  a great night to be quilting and enjoying the fire.



Cold night in the Mountains!

The day started at 32 degrees and gave us some sun and a little wind snow. Tonight it

dropping quickly and in the single digits!  The weatherman is predicting it will go to

below zero tonight.  I don’t think it has been this cold since we moved to Glade Valley

to build the Bed and Breakfast almost ten years ago.  The fireplace in the great room makes

it feel cozy and warm inside, even as the wind blows outside.  Hunter and Pumpkin

are both in the basement staying out of the weather too.  Looking forward to warmer

weather over the weekend.  Quite a cold start for this new year!