Happy Earth Day!

Redbud Tree in our yard

Redbud Tree in our yard

Earth Day  already here, and my garden is barely getting going.  It is off to a really slow

start this spring because of the cold weather.  Tried to plant in mid March, as I

usually do, but the ground was still frozen.  The  last week of March we were still

getting snow, so I waited until April to get things in and then covered the beds up.

Now the radishes, carrots, spinach, green snow peas, and onions are coming up,

but we discovered that the wind had blown off the grow covers on two of the beds

last week.  Pulled the metal pins right out of the soil and sailed them down to the

woods!  Thus some of my little plants got burned by the 23 degree temperatures last

Wednesday morning.  Not a happy camper about that.  I am hoping they will still

come back out with time and sunshine.  So glad it is finally looking like spring will stay

for a while here.  Everything is so pretty with the flowers blooming.  I took some pictures

of the redbud tree, just as it was starting to open last week I wanted to share.