Jelly donuts on COLD day in February

Donuts rising

Donuts rising


Donuts finished with Hershey chocolate spread and sugar coated with Raspberry jam inside!

Jelly donuts from a new recipe today turned out great!  Found the recipe for them on the internet.  It was by Mark Bittman, and can be found at  The donuts are so much lighter than other recipes that I have tried, they just melt in your mouth.  They are our reward for surviving a very cold February.  We are headed into the negative numbers tonight and tomorrow, with a high tomorrow projected to be 4 degrees!  Ouch, that is really cold!  We are very fortunate here to be in a warm place with a sturdy home to keep us that way while the winds blow outside.  Hunter doesn’t even want to be outside today.  He was reluctant to go off the porch when we let him out of the basement.

Hope everyone is staying warm and safe inside during this weather!