Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day to everyone.  The happy part is that  we DID NOT get snow last

night like some spots to the north did.  Foggy and a little slippery on the decks, but

not snowy!

Our new flag from the North Carolina Bed and Breakfast Association has

arrived and we are proud to have it.  This flag signifies we are an inspected facility and

is one way you can be assured of quality when you choose a Bed and Breakfast to stay

at.  The association inspects every Inn before you can become a member, unlike other

organizations that simply ask for your money in turn for membership.  The association

helps us in many other ways as well, giving us opportunities to share with other inn

keepers and learn more about our business.  We are proud to fly our new flag!

Our New NCBBI flag


March is Here, Where is Spring?

Daffodils in the Snow

Daffodils in the Snow

Spring seemed right around the corner on Sunday, but winter

returned on Monday afternoon.  Today is back in the teens and

we are on another roller coaster ride with the temperature.

I am thinking about the garden and planting seeds inside

to satisfy my longing to get out and dig.  It won’t be long now

until we actually have spring coming in the mountains.

Watching the leaves come out in all the shades of green

is such a beautiful time and we can’t wait for it to arrive!


Valentine’s Day

Couples celebrating with us on a snow covered night in Glade Valley.  Each one was

greeted by a romance package.  Sparkling cider, a homemade cheesecake for two,

and chocolate truffles, made here as well, waiting in the room today.  Everyone who

booked a two night stay received the special package free.  It is available at any time

during the year,  whenever you want to add a little romance to your stay.  Book a night

soon and add the package to your stay.  image

Warm by the Fire Tonight


Sitting by the fire tonight, enjoying a cold night with the guests.  It seems that

January has been an extremely cold month.  Perhaps February will be warmer.

Hunter hasn’t been able to be out much at all and doesn’t really understand why

he  has to be in the basement all the time.  He would much rather be out in the yard,

but it’s just too cold.  It is  a great night to be quilting and enjoying the fire.



Cold night in the Mountains!

The day started at 32 degrees and gave us some sun and a little wind snow. Tonight it

dropping quickly and in the single digits!  The weatherman is predicting it will go to

below zero tonight.  I don’t think it has been this cold since we moved to Glade Valley

to build the Bed and Breakfast almost ten years ago.  The fireplace in the great room makes

it feel cozy and warm inside, even as the wind blows outside.  Hunter and Pumpkin

are both in the basement staying out of the weather too.  Looking forward to warmer

weather over the weekend.  Quite a cold start for this new year!

A Beautiful Day in Glade Valley


There was a beautiful sunrise today and it ushered in a beautiful day.  The temperature

rose into the  50′s and the day made it hard to believe that it is only a few days until

Christmas!  The trees are up and decorated.  The decorations are done outside and the

stockings are ready to be hung.  Tomorrow I will start baking Christmas cookies!

Can’t wait for the family to arrive!   We hope your family also has a wonderful holiday!



High Country Lights

Plan your visit to Glade Valley to include the High Country Light Show.  This is a huge display

of lights that dance to music.  You tune your radio to 96.5 FM and sit in your car to watch the

show.  It began on Thanksgiving night and continues until New Year’s Day from 6:00 P.M.

until 10:00 P.M.  It is located at the Glade Creek Fire Department at 6374 Glade Valley Road,

about 4 miles from us.  A really  fun thing to do while you are with us.

Festival of Trees in Sparta, North Carolina

The Festival of Trees begins this weekend in Sparta.   There will be 25 beautifully decorated

trees on display at 60 South Main Street from November 29th – December 28th.  The display

is free to the public and is beautiful with lovely quilts surrounding the trees.  The building

is open from Thursday through Saturday from 11:00 A.M. -1:00 P.M. and 3:00 – 6:00 P.M.

This is a picture of one of the trees on display last year during the event.  Come out and



Fall at Glade Valley

My cactus seems to be blooming very early this year.  Usually it blooms between Thanksgiving and Christmas but this year it is in full bloom for Halloween.  Hope it isn’t a sign of an early winter here in Glade Valley.  The fall colors have been beautiful this year.


Hello world!

This is our new blog space for the website.  We have added a blog to the website to allow for more information going out to our guests and potential guests.  In the blog, we can share things that are currently going on at Glade Valley.  When events are happening in Sparta I will blog about them so you will know about them too.  Hope you enjoy our new website!